Academic Benefits

All of our members are in Viterbi, and pretty much the entire house takes the same classes together, or can help each other out with classes the more senior members have already taken. In addition, members save money by sharing textbooks, and our in house library is something only members can benefit from. Our members graduate at a rate higher than the rest of the school, and we have built strong relationships with Viterbi faculty. Frequently we have Viterbi professors over for Monday Night Dinner, a weekly event where we gather and eat and listen to speakers.

Professional Events

Possibly the most beneficial aspect of being in the house is the career development. Nearly all of our members have engineering jobs while still in school. Now more than ever it is important to begin building experience and resumes. You are encouraged to check out our Alumni Profiles to see what our recent graduates have been up to. Included are testimonies as to how the house helped them succeed. It is common for alumni in management positions to hire from within Alpha Chapter. In today's working world, it is just as important WHO you know, as WHAT you know. Recent professional events have included:

  • Talks from entrepreneurs regarding engineering and startups
  • Resume review workshops
  • Alumni Panels
  • Alumni mock interviews
  • SPD job fair - an internal recruiting service so alumni can stay aware of active members and their skills

SPD is also member of the Professional Fraternity Council, an organization that throws career development events for all professional fields (Business, law, engineering, medicine ,etc).